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Kent has been  caring for our lawn for a full year now and what a difference it has made! Here is what our lawn looked like after mite damage, Spring 2017...

Joan Arrowsmith Castle Rock CO

And here it is today... Thank you Kent for bringing our lawn back to life!

Joan Arrowsmith Castle Rock CO

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Excellent customer service! Friendly! Knowledgeable about lawn and trees! Awesome lawn this year! Would recommend services!Theresa MartinsonParker CO.

Our lawn has never looked better! After fertilizing he is very considerate of our dogs, lets us know when they can get back on the lawn.Ken and Judy VanDewegheFranktown CO.

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I have been a customer of Wiens Lawn and Tree Care for two seasons. My lawn has never looked better. Very green and much thicker turf than I have seen in over 20 years at this location. Services that I have used include weekly mowing, periodic fertilization and weed control, aeration, over seeding and deep watering of trees during the winter months. Services and outcomes have met the high expectations I had when I hired Wiens.

M Edwards

The Pinery, Parker CO.

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Wiens lawn care is the best lawn company in Parker! I've tried Scott's and Trugreen, and it does not compare. I have used Wiens for the house I sold, bought, and my dad's! I can proudly say my yard is the envy of the neighborhood!

Josh Frakes Parker CO.

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Kent Wiens has been aerating our lawn for three years. He is reasonable, arrives on schedule and does a good thorough job. Our lawn shows the benefit of his work. Dave and Lynda Dirkse-Franktown/Parker CO

My family and I recently moved from Oklahoma and bought a home in Parker, Colorado. All of the surrounding yards were well kept and manicured. Everything was green and growing and looked great with the exception of our lawn. Our yard, was one of the poorest yards on the block. The previous home owners had not kept their yard in shape. The grass was turning yellow and brown with dead spots all over. We needed to figure something out fast! I found Kent's company on line and gave him a call. Kent was very professional and punctual. He came to my house and gave me a written quote the day after we spoke on the phone. He explained in detail what he would use and how to use it to treat our ailing lawn. After Kent came and treated our yard, he left printed instructions on post treatment care. Following Kent's treatment and instructions our yard has bloomed into one of the best looking yards on the block!!

Jordan Lleon Parker CO.

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Wiens Lawn and Tree Care have been the most knowledgeable and professional in lawn care and maintenance of our yard. Kent brought our lawn back to life.

Charlie and Judi Krisch Parker CO.

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"You have taken care of the dead grass and made my yard look amazing. Iya Amiotte Parker CO

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"Our lawn looks fantastic! I swear it is the best on our street. You have such a high attention to detail, and we are very impressed. Thank you for our lush green lawn!"

Shawn and Tina Johnson Parker CO.

I have now been using Wiens Lawncare for three years. I had several bare spots in my backyard. Kent walked me through all the steps necessary to revive everything. The yard looked better than ever in a matter of a couple of months. Still looks great!

Prior, I had a lot of communication problems with the big corporate lawncare companies. My service was skipped or canceled because my dogs were outside. Usually, I was in the house but they never called to ask me to put them in. They would just skip my house.

I started with Kent in 2017 because he assured me that communication would never be a problem. He has been an absolute wonderful person to work with. My dogs and I are all happier due to it. Thanks for everything Kent. You’re doing a great job!


Keith Sinz Parker CO.

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Take a look at these pictures……… wow!!

Could not be happier! My neighbors are asking me what I did to my lawn!

I would like to have you help me with the fertilizer if you would please.

See you soon.

Jeff & Lori M Parker CO